Queen Elizabeth II (1926–2022)

Rob Munday Platinum Queen: Felicity 2004

The Queen’s epitaph was spoken by thousands of members of the public over the days leading up to her funeral yesterday. ‘She never put a foot wrong.’ For one of the people queuing throughout the night to view the Queen Lying-In-State the good order they all waited in ‘has restored my faith in humanity’. Many people who’d come there alone found a community who looked after each other through the long and arduous wait and even made new friendships there. ‘There was something in the air,’ said one, ‘Something magnificent.’ A girl and her mother had decided to come up on impulse while watching it on television. The BBC interviewer asked them if they’d thought of giving up when they realised how long they’d have to wait. ‘No,’ the girl said. ‘We were determined. Like the Queen was.’ The Queen famously said that grief is the price we pay for love. The Rev. Kate Garraway said that grief never goes away. But in time other things get bigger round it. The good example that the Queen has left us is a very big thing indeed, and in difficult situations to ask oneself ‘what would the Queen do?’ is a safe guide to doing the right thing. For 70 years of devotion and relentless hard work, thank you Ma’am, greatest of a great dynasty. God Save The King.

One thought on “Queen Elizabeth II (1926–2022)

  1. Isn’t the idea of the Antigone based on the iconography of the Madonna Della Della Misericordia, who shelters the people beneath her flowing robes?

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